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September 12, 2009

Learn to bang a drum like a rockstar

By NickLitten

September 12, 2009

bang a drum like a rockstar

OK – So I must admit to being slightly biased as Rob Litten happens to be my cousin but… Rob has grown from the gangly kid that I remember into a quite astounding musician. When he’s not drumming away on any nearby acoustic surface (my granite kitchen has never quite recovered) he is either being very loud playing in his band or… in professional mode…. he earns his living by being one of England’s best known drum instructors and the force behind the astoundingly successful Drums the word website and youtube video phenom.

Rob Litten – Drums the Word

Rob is college trained and one of the elite few to achieve a National Higher Diploma in drum performance as well as BA(Hons) Degree in music specifically for the drum kit. A Percussion genius. Nuff said.

He has studied under some of the UK’s top drum teachers, as well as drum lessons from MARK RICHARDSON (Skunk Anansie, Feeder), BILLY COBHAM (Jazz Fusion drummer/pioneer), ROD MORGENSTEIN (Dixie Dreggs), BILL BRUFORD (Yes, Genesis, Drumming GIANT), BOB ARMSTRONG (Famous British drum tutor) and CHAD SMITH (Red Hot Chilli Peppers).

When he’s not teaching, Rob has recently:

  • performed on live cable TV in London as part of a battle of the bands contest.
  • played many festivals as part of an Irish function band with crowds of thousands.
  • supported great acts such as WISHBONE ASH and a side project band that ‘Rhino’ the bassist from STATUS QUO set up.
  • toured the UK with his successful band – Timshel
  • recorded albums with various bands, one of which was reviewed in Rock Magazine (we were given 7 out of 10…not bad, huh?).
  • had songs played on local radio stations as well as “Radio One” thanks to Steve Lamacq.
  • was interviewed on “Radio Solent” as a drum teacher explaining the positive affects playing drums has on your health.

Drum Ace is his personal website along the lines of an online CV (or Resume as we say over the pond) simply for publicizing his drumming lessons, tuition and one on one training. If you are luck enough to be in commuting distance, and need lessons, check him out.

Saying all that… over at DRUMS THE WORD you can see the passion that makes Rob into something special.

Drums the word

Back in 2007, I remember spending an awesome week in Spain with Roberts old man Dave Litten (my Uncle and Mentor) and spending a few late evenings (suitably inebriated on cheap Spanish Wine) discussing the merits of his musical skills and me gently coercing him into exploring the world of online possibilities. Rob took the idea, molded it into his own special view of the world and Drums the Word was born: Built from the ground up using Youtube videos, Drupal and a vibrant online community he has single handedly created an online presence which has far surpassed anything that either of us imagined.

DrumsTheWord.com teaches you how to play the drums to the worlds most famous and popular songs using video drum lessons and note-for-note song drum transcriptions.

Instantly download Full-Song Video Drum Lessons to your computer and then watch them on any Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Device.

Whether you’re a Beginner just starting out on the drums, or an advanced player looking to develop your chops; there’s something for every level of drummer.

Happy Drumming to you!

Owner, Drummer & Self-confessed drum-a-holic

It’s not often that I am jealous of someone else achievements… but this glass of wine (well actually its a plastic cup from a small hotel where I’m working this week) is raised in your honor good Sir!


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