Learning Modern AS400 Programming – AKA – Teaching an old dog new tricks


Sep 11

I’m like a big kid and really looking forward to the end of October.

But this doesnt involve witches, black cats, badly fitted fancy dress, an orgy of cheap plastic Halloween consumerism not does it involve kids demanding candy under threat of egging your car. It’s the Annual iSeries Developers Convention. October 25th-28, including the jump start day, is four days of computer geek heaven:

Learning Modern AS400 Programming - AKA - Teaching an old dog new tricks 1

The 11th Annual iSeries DevCon is the premier technical event dedicated to iSeries/System i developers and systems managers and it covers all the topics that are critical to being successful including V6R1, RPG, ILE, Java, PHP, WebSphere, XML, HATS and much more. There is no marketing fluff or pie-in-the-sky theory at this event. Our sessions drill down deep into real-world solutions to give you serious, in-depth training you can put to use right away. iSeries DevCon provides the perfect forum for education, peer networking, and collaborative problem solving.

Oooh – I’m getting all perky and excited already.

It works out perfect as this is during an enforced furlough week with my current employer, just going to prove that every cloud has a silver lining…

If your’e going and fancy meeting up for a beer and waffle on endlessly about programming on the IBMi then drop me a line…

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