January 4


Living on the edge of America @ Folly Beach South Carolina

By NickLitten

January 4, 2014

Beach, Charleston, Folly

Last week was an exciting one… driving from San Francisco to Las Vegas on Friday (including the obligatory but less than amusing Boris Breakdown)… packing and loading my moving truck on Saturday/Sunday and then driving across country to my new home here at Folly Beach, South Carolina.

I’ve moved to Folly for the next six months or so… exciting summer ahead!

Unpacking was fun, courtesy of three little helping hands (Nate, Fin and TIggy) and four little paws (Bailey) and now a week later I’m delighted to say that I’m mostly settled. Pictures on the wall, wireless network up and floating around the beach air, media server is serving and the coffee maker is bubbling.

Bailey the super dog is getting his regular walks around the neighbourhood and I’m feeling myself de-stress on a near hourly basis. No wonder folks who live at the beach have this perpetually smug, self amused and content look to them…. Life is Good!

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