Location of iSeries Client Access Installation Software 

 January 25, 2015

By  NickLitten

Where can I get the AS/400 Client Access Express for Windows software?

In the olden days before the IBM System i… in fact wind back a few years earlier until you get to the old IBM iSeries hardware… dont stop… keep going back into history until you get to the venerable IBM AS400 system… The software that was initially launched to allow PC’s to connect to the AS400 was called CLIENT ACCESS. An installable image of Client Access (now called IBM i Access for Windows) can usually be found on the system in the IFS path “/QIBM/ProdData/Access/Windows/Install/Image” or “/QIBM/ProdData/CA400/Express/Install/Image”.

So – just for my reference:

For operating system versions prior to version 6:

  • /qibm/proddata/CA400/Express/Install/Image

For operating system version 6 and later (i6.1, i6.2. i7.1)

  • 32-bit: /QIBM/ProdData/Access/Windows/Image32
  • 64-bit AMD: /QIBM/ProdData/Access/Windows/Image64a
  • 64-bit Itanium: /QIBM/ProdData/Access/Windows/Image64i

UPDATE JUNE 2015 – check out the new technical preview at /as400-client-access-dead-long-live-ibm-i-access-and-beta-software


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