Mapping Emulator Function Keys with Laptop Touchpads

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October 26, 2020

Mapping Emulator Function Keys with Laptop Touchpads

By NickLitten

October 26, 2020

Laptop, 5250, CMD Key, Emulator, Keyboard, PF Key

Mapping Emulator Function Keys with Laptop Touchpads


I like big old physical keyboard buttons for my big old physical fingers, and occasional thumb.

All IBM-i Programmers will be painfully aware of the constant usage of a range of Function keys ranging from PF/01 through PF/24 (or CMD01-CMD24 in old 1980’s language).

Functions keys ranging from PF03 (Exit) to PF05 (Refresh) to PF12 (Previous) to PF15 (Subset) to PF23 (Options) are commonly used through many IBM i Applications. Using this in modern laptops is simple enough… until you come up against one o these clever laptop keyboards with virtual top row smart bar. Or of course, try using a mobile device with a virtual keyboard.

On my desk today, I am using three completely different devices with three different keyboard layouts:

I love my old Thinkpad X1 Carbon (middle image) but I detest the smart bar on the top row. The constant switching function to switch between insert/delete and Function Keys is a royal P.I.T.A.

The solution to this problem?

IBM i ACS has a nice solution with the very obvious KEYPAD view:

Use ibm i acs keypad to solve the pf cmd key not showing problem emulator function keys

and this shows us an easily clickable alternative to finding those pesky Emulator Function Keys on the keyboard

Mapping emulator function keys with laptop touchpads 4
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