West Coast Programmers 

 August 14, 2017

By  NickLitten

“Remember, you are on the West Coast now. You are expected to have and use at least one of these….surf board, sail board, skate board. Walking is permitted only in unusual circumstances. Generally, you should be running, biking, skate boarding etc. to get from one place to another on terra firma. That is just a portion of the preamble, there are 12 whole chapters to the “I live on the West Coast handbook”. You should get it soon and start studying. There will be a test, a laid back test, but a test none the less.”

I love this quote – it did make me chuckle.

So, a new job on the West Coast of the yoooo-ess-ayyyy and a new house in the wonderful little town of Summerlin, NV means it’s time to up-sticks and hike across the country for the next life adventure.

Nate (#1 Son) helped me load up the 26′ Moving truck with all our worldly goods, strap on a tow-dolly for the little old classic 911 and then off we went… four days and 3 thousand miles later we popped up in the Nevada Desert, just a hop and a skip from the Pacific Coast.

Now it’s time to unpack, get the house prepared, pool cleaned and acclimatize to this distinctly desert vibe.



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Nick Litten

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