September 18


Netgear Support – FAIL :(

By NickLitten

September 18, 2014

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So, my NETGEAR WNDR3700 WIRELESS ROUTER has failed. Working one day – Dying the next. This is the second WNDR3700 Router that has failed for me, with the same problem. The first one failed within a few months of ownership and was replaced by Netgear. This second (replacement) unit is now 3 years old and has failed of the same thing. At three years old, hardware failure for these is not shockingly rare but I was still hoping for Netgear to step up and fix/replace what seems like a design fault. I know I was hoping for too much… so far this is what has happened:

I logged into the support system and it shows me (to my delight) that the hardware warranty on my WNDR3700 goes thru to July 2015. YAY!

Then I notice that their support system is showing that this unit, was purchased this year. AAARGH!

Obviously a problem with the Netgear support and warranty system – but as it is showing that the unit is under warranty lets see if Netgear will honor it:

Netgear wndr3700 wireless not working

So, lets raise a support issue:

  1. raise a support issue at
  2. describe exact problem with antenna, attach serial number of unit, explain this is a common problem with the WNDR3700 – ask what the support options are?
  3. Netgear ask for confirmation of sales receipt and warranty info
  4. Attach sales receipt and screen shot of the NETGEAR support screen showing it is in warranty
  5. wait
  6. wait
  7. Netgear ask for confirmation of warranty information *again* but by email this time
  8. email the same copy of the sales receipt and warranty information from their system
  9. wait
  10. wait
  11. Netgear inform me that (a) they have updated their own support system and now show the unit as out of warranty and (b) to “have a nice day!!”

Sarcastic Buggers!

Having the WNDR3700 unit out of warranty is one thing, but the sarcastic reply is just adding salt to the wound.

/me goes shopping for a wireless router from CISCO

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