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May 22, 2017

New RPG Code Editor – MiWorkplace Release 1.6.0

By NickLitten

May 22, 2017

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Excited to see a new release of MiWorkplace – the replacement for RPG NEXT GEN code editor. Will download this and do a little review in a blog sometime:

Hi Nick,

I am really happy to announce a new release of MiWorkplace.

This release is not as feature packed as the last one but on the other hand this release cycle was a rather short one. But the shorter the better for you as you get your features quite fast.

This release adds the feature to open an include file/copy book by right clicking on the /include or /copy line in the source and selecting "Open Include". This will not only work on source member copy books but also on stream files. The source member copy book is tried to be located as specified by the RPG Language Reference. Stream file copy books are searched in the same directory as the source file with the specified path (if it is not an absolute path). But if the parameter INCDIR is specified on the compile command the source will also be searched in the specified include directory.

If you have a long library list to set and used another job description to set the library list you can now specify the job description in the connection properties and the user library list specified in the job description will be added to your connection. This relieves you from the task of having to type in the whole library list in the connection properties.

Another feature improvement is configurable task tags. I use the Tasklist view very much and find it quite handy to type in a TODO in the code so I can come back later to it and don't have to interupt my current train of thought and development and have those todos listed in the Tasklist view with an easy navigation to the entries in the source code. Till now the key words for those todos were hard coded: TODO and FIXME. Now they are freely configurable in the preferences, see Editor → Task Tags preferences.

I planned to extend the support for ILEDocs with this release but have to postpone it to the next release. So stay tuned. In the meantime if you still have no idea what ILEDocs is about then perhaps an example can explain it better then a thousand words. You can find the API documentation for the BlueDroplet project at RPG Next Gen.

Also the next release will cover some of the feedback I have gladly received from Jon Paris who wrote the nice and extensive article about MiWorkplace published at ITJungle.

You can find the new version and the full change log here in the download section on the MiWorkplace web site.

Happy coding!

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