January 1


Openly Secular

By NickLitten

January 1, 2016

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Hi, my name is Nick Litten and I am Openly Secular

Perhaps openly-atheist would better describe my outlook.

I was raised in a Christian household. In my mid-teens my personal coming of age process started when I started questioning, reviewing and critically thinking about anything/everything I was being taught at school and home to decide how I felt about it. I soon discovered, that I did not feel comfortable believing in ideas from other people, with no proof. I do not need this thing called faith to be a good person – being decent, moral, honest has nothing to do with your belief in a skybeing, or not.

I sometimes say that I have been an atheist for as long as I can think (literally).

As a father, I raise my kids to be respectful of other people and their beliefs. I encourage them to explore all the worlds religions. Question everything, absorb diversity, review peoples faith and then make your own mind up.

Be flexible in your thinking and always be open to change your mind.

Having said that, I can categorically say I am not a religion person.

Openly secular

I do NOT believe in magic

I do not believe in supernatural beings whether they be angels, ghosts, goblins, fairies or dragons (but I wish dragons were real, because that would be awesome).

I do not necessarily identify with the terms “free-thinker, humanist or agnostic” but I really admire the thought process behind the term “Secular” and what it describes.

  • Do you believe in universal human rights?
  • Do you view human beings a part of nature and not superior to it?
  • Are you free from the belief of supernaturalism?
  • Are you living your life to be the best person you can be without hurting others?

If the answers to these questions are YES then, in the words of Jeff Foxworthy, “YOU MIGHT BE A SECULAR

I prefer rational scientific reasoning rather than blind belief – facts over faith.

Openly secular

Some people say “believing Science is the same as Faith”

But, refraining from insulting this way of thinking as lazy, let’s just agree its a weak argument. Why? Because *believing science (aka results of a provable repeatable peer reviewed scientific study)* is not the same as *believing that invisible winged people live in the sky (aka faith)*

I do not have faith in science because I understand there are still gaps in the evidence.

Obviously there are many things we do not know… or understand… but as we spend more time investigating we will fill those gaps with evidence and proof.

Look back a hundred years and you will find that we didn’t understand things that we now take for granted:

  • What is lightning? Is it angry Gods or is it an electrical weather force that we can clearly explain because of science?
  • How do Airplanes fly? Is it scientific designed wings, carefully measured mass and propulsion or is it angels holding things in the air?
  • What is disease and plague? Is it Gods punishment on bad people or is it a virus, disease or contagion microorganism that we can prevent/cure using scientific medical techniques?
  • What is an Eclipse? Is it God making the Sun turn off as a way of proving his power, or is it the moon circling this plane and casting a large shadow on the Earth?
  • This very obvious list goes on and on…

Today we have solutions founded on science and rational investigation. These list of answers is being added to, and refined, on a daily basis.

What new answers has religion proved in the last few hundred years?

The answers seem clear to me and give me a sense of contentment, fulfillment and happiness to live my life.

If your answers are different – live them. Enjoy them.

We can agree to differ without argument 🙂

Openly secular does not work for these imaginary blokes

Secularism is a worthy cause

Maybe… just maybe… this movement will encourage people to speak up and protect the equal rights of all people to believe or disbelieve as they wish.

Most religious people want to denigrate the secular community and threaten or punish anyone with a different belief system — the religious persons classic threat “believe in my Loving God or he will torture and terrorize you for all eternity when you are dead

Call me an atheist, an agnostic, secular humanist or just a good old fashioned unbeliever.

I do not believe in your God

I do not believe in any of the Gods.

I believe in humanity, in human goodness and simply have no need for any of the popular Gods in my life.

If you are religious, please dont worry about us secular people. We respect your beliefs and your right to worship in any way you see fit. But please be prepared for us to raise an eyebrow, or offer a wry smile when you explain the “magical” elements of your belief system.

Peace out!


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