March 24


Parler is the new Twitter

By NickLitten

March 24, 2020

Parler, Twitter

Booo Twitter, Yay Parler!

Let’s face it – Twitter has become a Toxic place to be, filled with keyboard warriors, fake accounts, AI bots posting content and just angry rude people.

Twitter is a victim of it’s own success. The first ever real time news stream used to shout “this is what I am doing/thinking” into the cloud, in just one sentence… or using a stream of hashtags.

Twitter’s grown from this status update to something that actually affects the public’s thinking, it moulds opinion and many people read something on Twitter and simply believe it. After all, who needs fact-checking when the majority of other users think the same?

I’ve never been a huge user of Twitter, but I have referred to it in the past to get Realtime news updates.

Most of us

Now, 2020 is showing us a disturbing trend in social media companies and the big technology giants in general, a dystopian media censoring that is happening blatantly – we just cannot trust that what we see on the Twitter platform as a balanced view of current events. Twitter is purely curated news. Censored news. What we use to call Propaganda not so many decades ago.

Vote with your feet – Ditch Twitter and Try Parler

I played with for a while (another competitor in the Twitter space( but I just don’t like the interface and the Android app is clunky and frequently locked up.

Then a few months ago, I listened to a podcast talking about the new kids on the social status update space – PARLER

Parler is an UNBIASED social media platform where you can share your thoughts freely and get information from. Parler focuses on real user experience and engagement. You can express any opinions freely without violence and absolutely no censorship.

Launched in 2018, Parler was created by the University of Denver graduate students Matze and Jared Thomson.

They thought there is “a lack of transparency in big tech, ideological suppression, and privacy abuse” and hence created Parler.

As a newbie to Parler, I really like the interface and the Android APP works lovely.

The only problem is that since Parler is a new social media platform it’s waiting for a big user base.

Parler is better than twitter

So, ditch Twitter and come join the Parler free speech revolution.

How about the idea of “if you don’t like what someone is saying simply don’t listen”?

That’s free speech.

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