September 10


PEEPSHOW is the best comedy on tv and if you dont agree then you are wrong and its that simple for sure.. yep.. shut it loser

By NickLitten

September 10, 2017

peepshow, Telly

Peep show… peep show… bloody brilliant … nuff said  Arguably my favorite laugh-out-loud sitcom of all time. Peep Show is a British sitcom starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb and it filmed from the unusual ‘through-their-eyes’ point of view. You can also hear the thoughts of the person who’s eyes you are looking through. Saying one thing while thinking another leads to moments of sheer brilliance that so closely mimics our real lifes.

The PEEP SHOW story follows the incredible life of the two main characters Mark and Jezza, but with a fantastic cast of supporting actors: Super Hans, Big Suze, Dobby, Alan Johnson, Sophie, Nancy, Daryl and the list goes on. All excellent in their own way.

It’s rude, funny and just brilliant!

If you find something like this vaguely amusing then you just might like it:

I’ve binge watched the whole 8 seasons on at least three separate occasions and each time it’s funnier.

Double, treble thumbs up!

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