Pretending to play golf in Roanoke VA


Mar 11

So, I played a very enjoyable round of golf at the ‘Ole Monterey Golf Course in Roanoke today.

When I say ENJOYABLE what I really mean is… getting lost on the way there due to an incredible idiotic GPS system courtesy of Verizon, arriving late, jumping on golf cart, jumping out of golf cart when you realize that you’ve forgotten to pay, hitting a nice opening shot then duffing almost every other shot on the course, losing several balls, getting a sunburnt neck, having your playing partners ridicule you, getting bitten by a big black flying bug thing, drinking a really nasty bottle of spicy tomato juice (but thats another story) and just generally playing like a complete novice – fun!

On the plus side I did master the art of the 5 iron mega slice. 😉

Actually it was very enjoyable, after not touching the clubs for nearly four years I wasn’t expecting too much and my expectations were definitely reached.

So my task for this year is to get outside, get some sunshine, get some exercise and actually learn how to hit that little white ball in a reasonably forward facing direction.

I can only offer apologies for my terrible language Don’t click play if you’re offended by the occasional anglo-saxon expletive. *cough* 🙁

Even tho I definitely dragged the par average down, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will definitely be getting down the driving range and learning the art of swearing less and grinning more on the golf course.

Thanks to Casey and John for seeing the funny side!!! 😉


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