Projex400 Version 5 is well into its third trimester 

 September 12, 2010

By  NickLitten

I’ve been working on the new version of PROJEX400 V5.x over the last couple of months. It’s running very well on one of my IBM Servers at home (the other one is sitting there waiting for me to source a copy of IBMi V5R4 from somewhere) and at least one client site.

I’m super busy working on various client projects at the moment so my spare time for Projex Development is strictly limited… But, it’s basically ready for publishing and distribution all compiled at my current home server OS version of i5OS V5R1M3.

Now, I’ve just got to decide on a method:

  • Do I publish source code and make users upload source and compile?
  • What a REX procedure to do it automatically?
  • Do I stick with my current v5.1 OS400 or upgrade to IBMi v5.4 and recompile prior to release?
  • Do I simply package it up in a *SAVF and allow users to FTP it onto their IBM System-i?

Decisions, decisions!

While I’m waiting for my whirling dusty mental matter to coalesce into a solid decision I’m waiting for IBM to finally give me a price for IBMi Version 5.4 for Tom and Jerry (Tom and Jerry are my two iSeries Servers quietly humming away down in the “Projex Bat Cave”)

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and Finally….

It’s always been called Projex400 — obviously since the days of the AS400.

But now the venerable big cream box is long gone, replaced by the iseries and System i machines… should I rebrand?




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