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Apr 29

This morning I was hammering at my keyboard while listening to a weekly podcast from BBC Three Counties radio (my old local radio station back in Blighty). The show finished before I could get my cunning IBM i Journal Trigger process working, so I decided to take a coffee break and download a fresh podcast or two. I fire up Juice and spend a few minutes surfing to find something new to burble away in the background, titillating my back brain while my front brain was in RPGLE programming land.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled across an IBM i specific podcast!

Quite remarkably, its been out there since July 2011 and its none other than the chief i-architect at IBM – Steve Will

Steve is doing a telephone interview, with great audio quality and an absolute essential listen for anyone and everyone involved in the technical world of IBM i, IBM iSeries or even if you happen to be clunking away on a Russian Telly connected to one the 1990’s AS/400 systems. If you work on this machine, or tinker around the boundaries of IBM i, or work at a company that has a machine they incorrectly call ‘the 400’ then you should really listen to this.

Warning though, its for Geeks only 🙂

  • What is an object oriented based operating system?
  • Where did IBM i come from?
  • What does the ‘i’ stand for?
  • What happened to the AS400?
  • What is single level storage?
  • How is DB2 part of IBM i?

If you don’t know the answers to any one of these questions then you should listen.

IBM i (formerly known as OS/400) is an advanced object-based operating system by IBM that runs thousands of businesses around the world. Steve Will, the Chief Architect of IBM i speaks with us about the history, technical features, and underlying architecture discussing the concepts of Single Level Store, integrated databases, machine and logical virtualization, and workload management in an operating system and environment that takes an alternative and often kinder look at the role operations systems should play vs. the common programming infrastructure management models.


Podcast: Play in new window | Download


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