Rational Developer for IBM i 9.6 – Apply the RDi License

So, I’ve downloaded the latest and greatest version of RDi (the exciting titled RDi 9.6 #drumrollplease) but since the RDi 9.5 license does not work for 9.6, I wonder how I can Apply the RDi License for this new version?

I was told that since the new version is based on a newer version of Eclipse. So, it needs a completely new license style to be applied. Apparently this process is simple. Assuming you have purchased an RDi license, you can just log into IBM and download the new format for RDi9.6 and Apply the RDi License yourself.

That’s what the IBM techsupport chappette told me…

Must be true right?

Sort of.

In true IBM style, it’s clunky and long winded.

But if you follow it step by step we can get this thing done.

Log into IBM

Go to: https://www-304.ibm.com/servers/eserver/ess/ProtectedServlet.wss

Sign on

Click on My entitled software

Click on Software downloads, select IBM I, V7R3M0, Continue

Find and select:

5733-RDW Rational Developer for i

Go to bottom and click Continue.

Product download package selection find 5733-RDW click hide/show,  Find and select 09.06.00

It will show you all the things associated with 9.6 including the product itself and data studio.

You only need the activation kit – but the download gives you the whole Enchilada. Click Continue.

Click I agree on software terms and continues.


Start download. I usually use HTTP (absolutely nothing against the Download Director – I just like to control things manually). To use the Download Director click Download now or to use HTTP click on the link just below the download button.

The download speeds did make me chuckle:

Look down the bottom there and click DOWNLOAD with HTTP and snaffle the RDi RPG COBOL Tools Activation Kit V9.6

Of course, you can download the whole thing if you wish. But, I;ve already got 9.6 installed so i just want the license bit.

This download will quickly download a little ZIP File.

It should look something like this:

That was nice and easy..

So, thats the hard bit done.

You have the license code and this will remove the annoying TRIAL pester messages from RDi startup.

Now lets go and apply the license to RDi

Show me how to Install License in RDi


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