RIP Bailey One :(


Oct 15

Bailey, my mischievous English Spring Spaniel, died on October 10th 2010 while spending a weekend with the Grinch (aka the ex-wife). Conspiracy theories are running wild 🙁

She was only four years old. It’s been heart breaking…

I got Bailey back in 2007 as a 8 month old pup – rescued from a previous owner who had got a dog for Christmas and then, six months later, realized that dogs need love, attention ,exercise and training… “A dog is for life not just for Christmas” as the old saying goes. I rescued her and she became a companion and best friend and playmate for myself and the kids.

RIP Bailey One    :( 1

She was always a lively character (like all Springers) and developed an almost obsessive fascination with Tennis balls in her recent years. She emigrated from England with me in 2008 and spent the last 2 years running around various American Fields and Beaches chasing just about anything that would run from her. She was never the best trained dog, always a little head strong and needed a firm word from ‘Papa’ before finally towing the line.

Bailey had a lovely nature, was always great with any kids she met and will be sadly missed.

RIP my little friend.

Not something I would usually blog about, but sometimes typing about my life can be healing and just as important as writing dry technical articles or discussing different programming methodologies.

Actively looking for a new Puppy for the Litten Clan… BAILEY II may be here soon 😉


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