RPG World – IBM Power i Developers Conference 2009 

 March 2, 2009

By  NickLitten

I’m very excited about the RPG World conference in a few weeks…

RPG World at Monte Carlo Resort & Casino (in Vegas) – May 6 to 9, 2009

RPG World

I’m booked and absolutely cant wait to get there…. This conference, event, lesson, course (whatever your want to call it) already looks to be covering every aspect of the IBM Power i that I’m sketchy on, or want to learn more about. It’s already got some of the 400 worlds best known names in attendance and looks to be a great technical and social event. Fantastico!

If you’re going – please drop me an email or just look for the big pony tailed English Geezer that looks vaguely like Penn walking around with an inane grin on his face šŸ˜‰

Excited to learn more about:

  • Focus on “RPG for the Web”
  • Invest in yourself – RPG World gives you value that you get no where else:
  • The best training from the best Instructors
  • Instructors who write code every day, just like you
  • Instructors who know real-world situations because they’re in it with you
  • Optional Pre-Conference Workshop: “RPG for the Web Primer”
  • Networking opportunities with your Instructors.
  • Networking opportunities with your Colleagues
  • Information on the best practices (what works/what doesn’t)
  • Contemporary programming skills you can use today, without the time-wasting stuff no one will be using for years
  • Information and training that you can take back and use today
  • Web Applications with RPG IV – 101
  • Creating an Excel Worksheet with RPG IV
  • Sending Email from RPG IV with multiple attachments
  • Data Entry using a Web Browser and RPG IV
  • Using RPG IV to post and retrieve messages to/from Twitter.com and other online services
  • Using RPG IV to connect send an HTTP request to another (e.g., Microsoft .Net/ASP SOA) server
  • XML Topics
  • SQL Topics
  • Traditional RPG, CL and Subfile Topics
  • How to Install and use RDi (the new name for WDSc)



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Nick Litten

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