December 16


RPG4 code example to find if a job is interactive or batch environment

By NickLitten

December 16, 2009


The module below, INTERACT, determines whether your program is running in interactive or batch mode:

p Interactive PR N

D DummyPrm 1 Options( *Omit )

P pInteractive B Export
D pInteractive PI N
D DummyPrm 1 Options( *Omit )

 * Local variables
D RetdInfDs DS
D 4
D 10I 0 Inz( %Size( RetdInfDs ) )
D RiJobType 61 61
D RiTypeInteractive...
D C 'I'
D LenRetdInf S 10I 0 Inz( %Size( RetdInfDs ) )
D FmtName S 8 Inz( 'JOBI0100' )
D QlJobName S 26 Inz( '*' )
D IntJobId S 16 Inz( *Blank )

  Parm RetdInfDs
  Parm LenRetdInf
  Parm FmtName
  Parm QlJobName
  Parm IntJobId

 If RiJobType = RiTypeInteractive
   Return *On
   Return *Off

P pInteractive E

Use option 15 in PDM to compile INTERACT.

Issue the command: CrtSrvPgm SrvPgm( INTERACT ) Export( *All ) ActGrp( WhateverYouWant )

To use this service program from an RPG IV program, follow these steps:

a) Include the following prototype in your source with the D-specs: D pInteractive PR N D DummyPrm 1 Options( *Omit ) If you expect to use this procedure in more than one program, you might consider using a /Copy member for this prototype.

b) Here are a couple of sample calls to INTERACT in the C-specs: C If pInteractive( *Omit ) C ‘Interactive’ DsplyDummyVar C EndIf C If Not pInteractive( *Omit ) C ‘Batch’ Dsply C Endif

c) Use PDM option 15 to compile your program. d) Issue the following command to create your program (Note that the following assumes your program is a standalone program, i.e., a single module, named MYPGM): CrtPgm MyPgm Module( MYPGM ) BndSrvPgm( INTERACT ) ActGrp( Whatever )

Adapted from a utility by Mike Cravitz

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