So you think you know how to code on an AS400 Huh? 

 January 8, 2009

By  NickLitten

How can u send Parameters through LDA to another program and how do you receive?




In P.F you are having no records and you write SFL Program, so how can you know that there are no records in P.F? Which make you to show there are no records?

If the first Read returns End of file then there is no records in the PF


How can u send data’s of P.F to data Queue and how to receive the data Queue and how to copy it to your file?

Read PF



Can we journel logical file and access path?



Can we use commitment control for non-join L.F?



What are the activation groups’ commands that are used?



What is special about QTEMP library?

Specific to JOB


What is the purpose of QRPGOBJ library?

Library for Storing RPG Objects


Where is the SYS library list defined?



How will you DCL a trigger in RPG?

Trigger is a Program that will execute automatically on File Operation


How to call trigger?

Trigger is a Program that will execute automatically on File Operation


How to lock a particular record and how to open the lock in RPG?

READ, CHAIN –To lock the record UPDATE and DELETE for Unlock


Difference between RPGLE and OPM?




Program Service program

Compilation results in a runnable program

Compilation results in a nonrunnable module object

Compile, run

Compile, bind, run

Run units simulated for each language

Activation groups

Dynamic program call

Dynamic program call Static procedure call

Single-language focus

Mixed-language focus

Language-specific error handling

Common error handling Language-specific error handling

OPM debuggers

Source-level debugger


What are ARRAY mandatory key words?

DIM, if it is a compile time array then – CTDTA and PERRCD

If it is a pre run time array then we need to declare a file as Table “T”


How will you override particular file during runtime?



What is the status where copy is pending?



What are the uses of FRCDTA?

Use this record-level keyword to display a record format immediately, without waiting for the next input or input/output operation. When the buffer is partially full, the FRCDTA keyword can be used to clear the buffer.


What are runtime API in RPG?



How to define multidimensional array?

Declare a Multi occurrence data structure and declare the array within the data structure.


How to make display the 5th member as default in RPG program?



Why cannot we update using Join-Logical file?

It a READ ONLY view


How to update a file without using file opcodes?

RPG Life Cycle


How to display a screen without using EXFMT?



What is API’s in Data Queue?





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