September 1


Softlanding iSeries Turnover Consultant – will change-manage for food

By NickLitten

September 1, 2012

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IBM i (iSeries/as400) Turnover Consultant – will change-manage for food

“will change-manage for food” – is that a verb?

Me. Considering my next exciting freelance project

In this crazy world of IT acronyms and Dilbert cubicle terminology the art of Software Change Management and Program Deployment is one of the few terms that means exactly what it says. Unlike the most annoying leverage but I digress! Anyway, I’m in the last few weeks of this freelance role helping my customer to configure TURNOVER and promoting a major LMS7.1 Hotel application across 4 separate IBM Power Systems running IBM i (or AS400’s in 1990’s speak).

It’s been a fun contract working with some great people. The downside of doing my job is that if I do it right… then everything will work… and if everything works… then I’m not needed anymore 😉

So, hopefully this weeks major implementation will flow smoothly and I will be looking for a new contract in a couple of weeks.

One of the great things about working in IT is the diversity of the role.

I’m primarily an RPG Developer, working in IBM i on the IBM Power Systems range of computers… AS400 and iSeries are just older versions of this machine. Aside from code development I’ve found myself wearing a change management hat more and more often. With years of experience of Software Change Management applications (Turnover, Aldon, Implementer to name a few) you soon pick up an affinity with software change management techniques. Those developers that don’t follow these rules are the ones that lose source code, have multiple backups floating around the system and are a nightmare to work with.

SCM (Software Change Management) is a subtle artform and I’ve really come to enjoy the implementation and configuration of my current tool of choice – Turnover by Soft Landings.

If you’re wondering if you have the juice to add ‘Change Management Consultant; to your resume then ask yourself these questions – maybe they will help some folks thinking about embarking on a role as a ‘change management consultant’

Change Control Contractor Position Interview Questions

Turnover Technical

  • Describe how you have used Turnover in the past.
  • What is an application definition and how is it used in Turnover?
  • What is an application level and why would you create one?
  • What is a type code and how is it used in Turnover?
  • What is a library list and why is it important in Turnover?
  • Name and describe 3 promotion methods available in Turnover.
  • Which promotion method would you use to promote a stored procedure?
  • Describe how Turnover moves objects to another iSeries?
  • How does Turnover know where to put an object when it is promoted?
  • What is a worklist and how is it used? What does Turnover do when a form fails?
  • What is an exit program and why would you need one?[/quote]

Maybe I will type up my answers in some future blogs….

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