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August 16, 2017

Softlanding Scribbled Notes, Turnover User Guide and Turnover Programmer Reference

By NickLitten

August 16, 2017

Beginner, Guide, SDLC, Turnover

TURNOVER Reference Docs for IBM i Programmers

Earlier, I was explaining how to use TURNOVER Change Management to some RPG Developers who have spent years using Turnover but who had never used the Programmer Worklist Function. I was mildly surprised at the manual technique that was being used to check out each object, adding to a form source member by source member and then asking another RPG Programmer to check the form layout for errors. Invariably the Forms would fail when promoted with a number of different reasons from library list errors to missing related objects (field references, copybooks, etc).

So, I decided to start from the very basics and once this is implemented we can expand from there – this simple overview is looking at the process from a high level (aka helicopter view). If you use Turnover Programmer worklist you will do things quicker. So it has an immediate cost saving for you and your company.

Softlanding scribbled notes, turnover user guide and turnover programmer reference 1

It’s probably old rope to anyone that used Turnover to any degree but here’s my helicopter guide to using this very flexible IBM i Software Change Management Tool.

Important TURNOVER commands from the iSeries command line

  • TURNOVER – main turnover menu (use command TO as shortcut)
  • STRPWM – Start programmers work list
  • TWRKTSK – Work with Tasks (ie: Projects)
  • WRKTOLLO – Work with Turnover Library List is another useful one (you wont use this often but its handy to know)

Let’s look at how we do a typical checkout, write-code, compile and promote using the Turnover Command Line process

Just remember that each Programmer work list should refer to a PROJECT

Turnover scribbled notes
  • Create a project or subproject for each Turnover that you are going to do (TWRKTSK or TURNOVER/9)
  • Create a Programmer work list (STRPWM or Turnover/12) for the work your doing for this turnover.
  • — code, compile, test until its ready for promotion —
  • option 46 – Add the objects in the worklist to a form
  • 42 – Edit the Form (if you want to make changes to things like library lists)
  • 41 – Error Check the Form (this is the big one. This tells you if the turnover will promote normally or not)

Thats it… if #41 works then your ready…

Another useful option is 49 (print form) this could be useful to copy/paste to emails for checking….

  • Nick — wasn’t sure which Turnover post to append this note, but I found that when compiling a RPGJDE module under the covers Turnover calls the JDE Create CL (J98CRTRPG) module, which uses server XS98009, fetching target release based on F98009. The *CURRENT release in this record needs to be changed to *PRV for it all to work properly in Turnover. Great blog. Thanks for the information.

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