SQL for AS400 Dummies

May 23, 2023

SQL for AS400 Dummies

By NickLitten

May 23, 2023


A simple guide to SQL for AS400 Dummies

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You can spot my brethren fairly easily, the rare old-school AS400 developer can be found lumbering around your IT department. The trade mark style of these rare IBM Beasts is graying hair, a low-tech phone, typing with 2 fingers while muttering swear words under their breath. Counting myself among this rarified group, I will also add a trait – “continually fighting our in-bred urge to print out RPG listings on vintage 132 character green lined paper” 😉

SQL is a big new world for many old-school folks and can seem daunting – in reality its a terrific way of looking at the IBM i Database and offers so many time saving tools its insane.

A chap called Fang Ying wrote this excellent 16 page primer on SQL. It covers so much, in clear concise documentation. It’s become an immediate cheat sheet that I refer to easily.

Now you can to.

Look at some of the goodies in this PDF:

  1. SQL Commands: Understanding the fundamental commands of SQL lays a solid foundation for manipulating and retrieving data from databases.
  2. SQL Basics: Grasping the essential concepts and syntax of SQL allows for efficient querying and manipulation of data.
  3. SQL Joins: Exploring different types of joins — such as inner joins, outer joins, self-joins, and cross-joins — enables the merging of data from multiple tables to derive meaningful insights.
  4. SQL Unions, Intersect, Except: Familiarizing myself with these set operations has expanded my ability to combine and compare data from different queries or tables effectively.
  5. SQL Temp Tables, View Tables, CTE: Learning about temporary tables, view tables, and common table expressions (CTEs) has enhanced my skills in managing and organizing data for complex analysis tasks.
  6. SQL Ranks: Acquiring knowledge of ranking functions in SQL has provided me with powerful tools to sort and rank data based on specific criteria, enabling me to uncover valuable patterns and trends.

Whether you’re just starting out with SQL or you’ve been using it for years, this guide has something for you. Give it a read, and let me know what you think!

credit : Fang Ying on medium – https://lnkd.in/eFE-T_dz

  • Hi Nick. I have just dropped on your site like you do on a wet Saturday afternoon. I have posted this against a recent post hoping you get to see it. Please move it to a more relevant location within you blog if you think it’s worthwhile for your readers. I am David Bannister and worked at Olympic Software Limited and then JBA Software Products Limited from 1990 to 2000 leaving by way of redundancy by Geac. After a heart attack recently I decided to digitise and publish my JBA archives stored in my garage. There are a lot of Newsletters etc etc. They are on my LinkedIN Account which includes other bits and pieces as well so it’s not exclusively JBA stuff. Hope it’s of some interest to you and your readers.


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