April 14


Start Stop System21 Background Jobs (WHSE, GL, IN, OE – BACK3)

By NickLitten

April 14, 2015


This is just a memory jogger for me and while I was typing this in my notes I realized that someone else may have asked the same question: “How do I see the status of the System 21 (JBA/GEAC/INFOR) background jobs to see what is running?

I feverishly search the interweb superhighway and apart from some mystical mumbo-jumbo from ten years ago on an old ASCII bulletin board nothing came to light. Luckily, during a meeting today one of my clients propeller heads told me the infor program that does the magic.

The simple answer is “L1017 is the program that shows the status of all the System/21 background jobs and allows you to start and stop them


So, we can either goto menu /L1S (or L1SUS if American) in both the green screen and Infor Client or simply call the program from the command line:

System21 background jobs
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