System i News – is arguably the best free magazine for IBM-i pointy heads


Jun 29

System i News - is arguably the best free magazine for IBM-i pointy heads 1All of us IBMi Developers use the System I Network as the holy grail of IBMi IT resources on the web. But not everybody knows you can get the monthly magazine for free……

System I News is the a free monthly magazine, in both physical and pdf format, that tells you what’s going on at IBM and specifically focussed on what happening with our ERP platform, new OS releases, service packs and security changes.

For example, this recent issue has covered the new OS IBMi v7 release (which finally lets us render webpages, XML, SOAP/REST and even PDFs direct from within RPG programs J), Security updates for IBMi V6. Web Enabling Legacy Apps like JBA, an interesting Open Source Document Management system that uses the Cloud for data storage and lots of other little nuggets of IT info…

System I News is free when you register at System I Network

The FREE Associate version is 50 pages of relevant articles and news for any professional involved with the IBMi platform. (there also a $paid PROVIP version for us IBMi Developers but its more code specific)


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