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August 23, 2020

Teachers2You – Bringing Las Vegas Teachers to Local Students

By NickLitten

August 23, 2020

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Teachers2You – Offering the Best Learning Experience for Las Vegas Families

There is an old Turkish proverb saying ‘If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain’ which is perfect for Teachers2You.

In these unprecedented times of Coronavirus fears causing businesses to close, restaurants to lockdown, bars to shut their doors, limited travel and a population waiting for the next bad-news segment from the media – it’s easy to overlook the kids that are quietly enjoying their long extended summer holidays 😉

Teachers2you - bringing las vegas teachers to local students 1

Here in Nevada, Schools are rallying to put together various distance learning technology to let kids get on with some kind of education at home. As an IT Bloke with two teenage kids in the household I can tell you it’s messy and has plenty of bumps to iron out… The schools are closed and plan to remain in a frozen state, unable to give any kind of hands-on teaching to our young students for the foreseeable future.

Last weekend I met the Operations Director of a startup non-profit business focused on connecting Teachers with Students, and Parents who want something more for their kids. He told me:

“We are focussed on offering the very best home tutoring services for students as an alternative to parents homeschooling, or parents worrying that their young students are struggling to follow online school systems while the parents are working. As a non-profit organization we remain focussed on the well-being of the young men and women in our community and connecting them with qualified teachers who have so much to offer during these difficult times”

Mr. B (Teachers2You Operations Director)

I liked their idea so much, I offered to help them upgrade their website and building a solid SEO framework.

There is lot’s of work to do here, including an online payment system, variable subscriptions, and perhaps online video training systems but this is one of the many reasons I love working in the world of information technology: the ability to quickly give something positive to my community from behind my keyboard. While drinking multiple cups of good English Tea 😉

Welcome to Teachers2You:

Teachers2you - bringing las vegas teachers to local students 2
Teachers2you bringing Teachers to You

What’s the backbone of the new Teachers2you website?

If you know this website then you might predictably say “It’s WordPress” and you would be right 🙂

I have an idea to create a series of simple screencasts, lessons if you will, on how to create a WordPress website. Maybe breaking it into modules talking about SEO, Online payment handling, subscription handling, video streaming options but rather than type this. Watch and listen to me waffle:

Who are Teachers 2 You?

Teachers2you Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to bridge the gaps between school and home, specifically geared towards disadvantaged student populations and ultimately closing the opportunity gap.

Teachers2You wants to empower youth with hope and possibilities through academic coaching and building confidence while increasing grants and scholarships through donor support.

Teachers2You wants to reduce the opportunity gap by working with schools to identify low-income students, students with disabilities, English learners, racial and ethnic minorities, students experiencing homelessness, foster care youth, and neglected or delinquent youth in detention centers and prisons who need coaching.

We also want to serve children of essential workers. While these workers are ensuring we are safe and provided for, we can ensure their children are receiving the academic coaching they need. By identifying the unique ways children learn and providing more personal attention, we will inspire children to be confident and independent learners. With proper support and encouragement, these children can learn problem-solving skills and negotiate their own success through self-empowerment.

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