tekton is sexy 

 October 6, 2009

By  NickLitten

Tekton is my absolute bestest font.

I just re-discovered it after an absense of some 20 years. *wow* I am old!!

Back in my Toshiba/JBA days I remember being all excited about this new thing called the internet and spending half an hour downloading the tekton fonts from some FTP server in France using my old 9.6kb modem… ahh those halcyon days of listening to the shh.bee.baw.tweeee.shhh sounds from the modem….
tekton is sexy 1

Its a kind of handwritten futuristic computerish looking thing and I remember feeling so proud of myself firing up my Windows 3.1 PC and writing Wordperfect documents in a different font to everyone else in the office… *sigh*

Of course, now that font selection is commonplace and every PC, Mac and Linux flavour has a plethora of visual styles to choose from, people frequently go mad with their font selection. As a rule you should only use a font if everyone has it. Beauty is in the eye of the Beer-Holder as they say.

So, sticking with Windows/Mac compatibles – I typically use verdana for technical documents, Tahoma or Geneva for websites, comic sans for informal emails but now will have to fight the urge to use Tekton for everything 😉

Little things please little minds I suppose…


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Nick Litten

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