May 18


“The Books” Music to program to on a damp Spring morning in Ohio

By NickLitten

May 18, 2011

music, TheBooks

The books is a very cool funky weird head explosion of musicI’ve been writing a reasonably complex RPG4 program to extract order/shipment/invoice information from JBA and create a spreadsheet in the IFS showing shipping percentages against various targets…

I like to have some cool background sounds on that wont distract my brain too much from what I’m doing: I have been known to accidentally start typing lyrics. I’m currently loving ‘The Books’ who I discovered courtesy of SHAZAM on a long roadtrip and loved their eclectic electronic and groovy sounds.

This morning my ear buds have been expelling sounds courtesy of:


Track Artist Album Comments
ALL of them Afro Celt Sound System All of em Probably my favorite brand of programming music. Funky, up tempo, down tempo, electro, celtic vibe… fantastic!
Lots of them The Books The Way Out Love this! Just a very excellent mind explosion of electronic jazzy laid back but sploshy sounds.
everybody cheer up song Dosh the last take Happy happy
Food Cycles Dosh Wolves and Wishes Plinky plonky with big roaring sounds.
Homecoming Taraf De Haidouks Electric Gypsyland 2 eth eth spanish russian coolness
it’s because Tung Comments of the inner chorus Jazzy beeeeeeeee
a Smile Mike UVA Where have you been Me likey
Roads must roll Boom Bip Seed to Sun Kind of Romany / Egyptian cool. a bit like the Battlestar Galactica Cylon myusic in the ship kind of vibe
The Phonograph Her Space Holiday Let’s get Quiet Vol 1 Shhhhhhhh
Taking Wings Daedelus of Snowdonia very groovy, English folksy thing
Slow Moves Jose Gonzalez Veneer guitar plucky cool vibes with harmonic voices
No Man can find the War Tung Dream Brother Head noddy and electro-smooth vibe
To the Shore Bombay Dub Orchestra Bombay Dub Orchestra Remixed Possible fave track today. Very laid back dancy instrumental.
Quiet place Working for a Nuclear Free City Working for a Nuclear Free City Really reminds of China Crisis – a flashback to my teenage years
HandBum Weevil Drunk on Light I think I like this one mostly because the track name ‘HandBum’ is a bit rude and makes me chuckle.
My Friend T3 Mrs Jynx Standofish Cat Ibizaish lo tempo groovishness. like it.



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