September 27


The IBM AS400 eServer

By NickLitten

September 27, 2008


IBM AS400 eServer

The IBM AS/400 is a midrange system that has proven itself as the premier choice for businesses requiring a computer system capable of handling diverse business requirements ranging from Data Warehousing through to e-Commerce.

As400 eserver

When compared to any other midrange system it offers unsurpassed reliability, minimal downtime, low maintenance costs and the flexibility to take advantage of emerging technology. The IBM AS/400 is the most widely used Midrange Business System in the world.

The AS400 was renamed the iSERIES and came in a range of models: dynamic e-business environment demands a more powerful, scalable, and flexible IT infrastructure than ever before. The IBM iSeries Models 270, 820, 830, 840 and the new 890 meet these demands by delivering industry-leading innovative technology in a cost-effective and easily managed server platform with intuitive enterprise-class systems management tools.

The iSeries delivers flexible capacity management to provide uninterrupted performance growth, with new Capacity Upgrade on Demand options for most iSeries Model 830, 840, and 890 servers (4-way and above).

The introduction of award-winning POWER4 processors in the new 32-way i890 delivers outstanding mainframe-class performance, nearly doubling the capacity of the 24-way i840. The i890 is an integral part of the IBM product line – advanced servers that helps you lower your costs, improve efficiency and speed e-business transformation. The i890 integrates IBM’s innovative technology developed across all of the IBM platforms. For example, the i890 incorporates the same processors used in the most powerful pSeries servers available today, along with zSeries’ robust hardware packaging.

The i890 incorporates the latest advances in RISC technology by IBM with the POWER4 processor. With two processors running at 1.3GHz, on-chip L2 cache and new L3 cache, the i890 delivers performance gains — up to 37,400 CPW1, as much as an 85 percent improvement over the i840 for businesses that need a server capable of mainframe-class capacity while retaining its focus on simplicity and robust availability.


RPG and the AS/400 platform have a long history. When the System/3 was introduced in the late 1970s, RPG II was released. A few years later, RPG III was released with the System/38, which included the ability to work with a fully integrated database, according to the AS/400 Primer by Ernie Malaga, Doug Pence and Ron Hawkins. In 1994, RPG IV was released, with it’s ILE abilities.

RPG is still the language of choice for AS/400 programmers, according to a recent search400 poll. Almost 90% of the 862 respondents said they thought RPG was going to be around for a while. This is probably not surprising to many within the AS/400 industry.

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