July 26


The long landrover saga of pulling my hair out with this damn car continues

By NickLitten

July 26, 2012

Boris, Landrover, LR3

Bloody thing.. after working nicely for just over a week, leading me to think the problem was all down to blocked injectors… the starting *problem* is back with a vengeance. The long landrover saga or engine Demons are back with a vengeance…


/me takes a deep calming breath…..

So, 80% of the time the car starts first time and runs perfectly. Once running it always runs perfectly and is a joy to drive. But the other 20% of the time, it either refuses to start completely (I generally give up after an hour) or as in the case of this morning – refused to start at 7:30 when I spent about 5 minutes trying to go to work. I gave up, went upstairs for a nice cup of tea. Half an hour later I tried again… no joy… so I went and walked the dog (Bailey) before returning to try again… I tried everything… even popped the bonnet and disconnected and reconnected the battery – to no effect… after another 10 minutes of trying to start, I finally decided i had enough and it was time to video it so I could show the video to some Landrover mechanic on the off chance that i could be helped…. hence this video.


Bloody thing!

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