The long landrover saga of pulling my hair out with this damn car continues 

 July 26, 2012

By  NickLitten

Bloody thing.. after working nicely for just over a week, leading me to think the problem was all down to blocked injectors… the starting *problem* is back with a vengeance. The long landrover saga or engine Demons are back with a vengeance…


/me takes a deep calming breath…..

So, 80% of the time the car starts first time and runs perfectly. Once running it always runs perfectly and is a joy to drive. But the other 20% of the time, it either refuses to start completely (I generally give up after an hour) or as in the case of this morning – refused to start at 7:30 when I spent about 5 minutes trying to go to work. I gave up, went upstairs for a nice cup of tea. Half an hour later I tried again… no joy… so I went and walked the dog (Bailey) before returning to try again… I tried everything… even popped the bonnet and disconnected and reconnected the battery – to no effect… after another 10 minutes of trying to start, I finally decided i had enough and it was time to video it so I could show the video to some Landrover mechanic on the off chance that i could be helped…. hence this video.


Bloody thing!


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Nick Litten

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