The new NICKLITTEN dot com is gonna be whacky for a few days


Oct 05

I’ve been busy doing real work the last few evenings and seeing my wonderful kids (but HEY I’m biased) so the time I had planned for this website revamp has just kind of drifted away like smoke through my fingers. I managed to grab a few hours this evening and have just completed the Drupal migration from my old domain, upgraded all kinds of bits, SQL’d other stuff and broken all kinds of rules, utterly destroyed the Drupal Database integrity but luckily with some massaging and praying to Shiva (as I understand it he’s the God of Destruction and Reinvention, so is the top man for this website gig) I think I’ve got closer to a working website condition.

some dodgy redneck bed - all squished

I could leave it in Maintenance mode but then its difficult to track the effects of my Google/Bing/Blekko SEO effects….Anyway… decided to turn the website on just a few minutes ago.

So here I am in a redneck (Hmm, maybe I had better be careful what i say around here. If I listen careful I can hear the plaintive ‘sproing’ of Banjo strings blowing in the wind) Country (ahhh, thats safer) Motel in Virginia at 1.15am on a Friday night, or Saturday morning depending on how you look at it.

I’m tinkering with my laptop when I should be curled up in that wobbly bed behind me…


Theres a good idea…

Nightey Night.


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