Toby Schofield 3PSC – Chicago IBMi (AS400) JBA Consultant


Aug 19

Mr Toby Schofield is a very old JBA colleague of mine. He is now working in the USA, based in Chicago, and as he has helped me out so much over the years (with his excellent advice on random questions regarding the aging JBA ERP system, frequently involving a late night phonecall from me) I offered to return the favor by building him a simple website.

2010 – HTML template based website. Remember these days? The site was basic, with a few pages using the good old fashioned main, contact and about me type style with some generic computer images. /me gets all nostalgic for the olden internet days.

2013 – First major revamp and moving in to a Content Management System for the website. Since, I had moved to Drupal we decided that building a Drupal6 website which would showcase his talents and build a framework that he can learn Drupal CMS design.

2015 – Upgraded to Drupal 7 and did some tidying up. Toby built a linkedin profile page and we added lots more content with various articles talking about JBA System 21.

2017 – Migrated from Drupal 7 to WordPress. Nothing wrong with Drupal, but WordPress has a cleaner blogging facility and this is the focus of Toby’s new expanding knowledge of webservices and RPGLE programming.

Thanks Tobes!


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