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November 5, 2018

Thrive Pressive Theme – SQL TITLE SECTION

By NickLitten

November 5, 2018

theme, thrive, thrivethemes

I recently updated the blog to use the very impressive THRIVE THEME called PRESSIVE.

I love the SHOW IMAGE IN TITLE function on the blog pages. 90% of my blogs have a unique header image and I would like to go back and upate all (1k+) blogs to set this flag by default.

Is there a setting to change the site-wide default to “SHOW IMAGE IN TITLE” for all blog entries?

This is the setting I want to set by default for ALL POSTS
Show in title by default

I’ve searched high and low and cant find how to set it by default?

If there is not a global theme setting – can I update this sitewide with SQL?

Anyone out there?


Hellooooo? echo… echo… echo….


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