August 17


TURNOVER – Program QZCSOEOT in library *LIBL not found

By NickLitten

August 17, 2022


Program QZCSOEOT in library *LIBL not found

  • Using TURNOVER for IBM i?
  • Have you got an error saying “Program QZCSOEOT in library *LIBL not found“?
  • Have you searched your system and found no program called QZCSOEOT?

Then it might be because your version of TURNOVER V101 has expired.

Yes – it’s that simple.

I saw this error on an IBM i System running the old TURNOVER V101 which had reached its SoftLanding Software Support expiry date.

After speaking to Softlanding Support it seems that this is an issue that has come back to life after being fixed years ago – I suspect the program code is trying to call QZCSOEOT trying to send a message to the user? I really have no idea. But I was told that the message it’s trying to send is “Product has expired”

SoftLanding Product Release Support Dates

I would always encourage you to use the most current versions of Softlanding products.

Product Release* Fixes Available Until** Support Available Until
TURNOVER® Lifecycle Manager v2.1Currently supportedCurrently supported
TURNOVER® for iSeries v101Currently supportedAugust 17, 2022
TURNOVER® for iSeries v100Vintage support onlyVintage support only
TurnOver 5.4March 01, 2010March 01, 2011
TurnOver 5.3December 31, 2006July 31, 2007
TurnOver 5.2December 31, 2002July 31, 2003
TurnOver 5.1 (RISC)December 31, 2001July 31, 2002
TurnOver 5.1 (CISC)December 31, 2000July 31, 2001
CENTRAL® Menu v2.1Currently supportedCurrently supported
CENTRAL® for iMenu v100Currently supportedCurrently supported
SoftMenu 6.0March 01, 2010March 01, 2011
SoftMenu 5.2 (RISC)December 31, 2002July 31, 2003
SoftMenu 5.2 (CISC)December 31, 2001July 31, 2002

Solution – upgrade and install the new version of TURNOVER for IBM i

Luckily – I’ve just written a blog on how to do exactly that 😉

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