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Turnover V100 Programmer Worklist PWM Quick Reference Guide AS400

By NickLitten

July 26, 2012

Turnover, PWM

TURNOVER V100 – PWM Quick Reference

How to get to PWM

Option 20 on Work with Tasks, F20 on Work with Projects or STRPWM command

Development steps
(Presented in the order they are usually done)
F6 Add items to list
Press F6 to add itemor Press F20 to go to PDM
In PDM use AI1 to add items to the Worklist or Press F15 to go to Hawkeye or Abstract/Probe+
Use AI2 to add items to the Worklist
Return to PWM
15 Check X-Ref
If you use TurnOver’s cross-reference Select option 15 to check for related objects.
21 Checkout / Reserve name
Filter* by 21 (check out)
Select first item with option 21, press F13* Press Enter to submit checkout to batch3
32/37 Edit source
Filter by next opt 32 (edit source)
Select items with 32 / 37 to edit source
36 Compile and test
Select object(s) with 36 (compile) (see F18=Defaults) Run tests
46 Build TurnOver form
Filter by next opt 46 (Add item to form)
Select first item with option 46, press F13 Press Enter to build 3
42 View / Edit form (optional)
Select one item with option 42 (edit form) to
View, Edit and Sequence form, if necessary.
(Need pre- or post-run commands? Create overrides? Lock checks? More messages? Form Comments, Item comments?)
Press F3 to exit form (you may see Form Exit panel. Take defaults unless you’ve done them already)
48 Approve form (if required)
Select one item with 48.
Select user(s) on approval list and send message. Wait for approval…

* Using F13 and Filters
Frequently, you will use F13 Repeat in combination with Filters when you have several items on the list.
Set Apply filters to N to display the complete worklist.
1 AI is a PDM user-defined option. See file QAUOOPT in SOFTTURND.
2 The interface must be established and option AI defined in the Xref product’s user option file.
3 F19=Interactive depends on session defaults (see F18=Defaults)

47 Submit form
Select one item with 47 (submit form) Accept or change defaults and press Enter
If you selected interactive error-check, wait for error check to complete, verify and press Enter.
If you selected batch error check, wait for error check to run, verify error report. Form is submitted if OK.
(Remove filters to display complete worklist)

43 Promote to next level
Items are Ran-OK. More levels in Application?
Select4 one item with 43 (copy form) and press Enter or F19 to submit 3.
Next level number will be displayed. Press Enter.
Next level items will have Next opt of 47 or 48. Follow instructions for 48/47 as above.

PWM Frequently used Options

2 Change PW List item entry
12 Compare source
15 Check X-Ref
16 Related objects
18 Object history
21 Checkout
25 Task details
26 Conflicts (Rel. 4.1 or higher)
36 Compile Object
38 Pre/Post run commands (Rel 4.1 or higher)
40 Form jobs (view)
41 Error check form
42 Edit form
43 Copy form
46 Add item to form5
47 Run form
48 Form approval
49 Print form

PWM Frequently used Fkeys

F2 Forms (all forms related to worklist)
F6 Add item
F7 Previous worklists
F11 View 2 / View 3
F13 Repeat (option is repeated down list)
F15 user-defined (usually set to run Pathfinder,
Abstract/Probe or some other cross-reference
F16 user-defined options
F17 Filters
F18 Defaults (session preferences)
F19 Run interactively or in batch (applies to options 21,
43 and 46 3)
F21 Print list
F22 Enter time
4 Most companies have an administrator who takes over promotions beyond
level one.
5 Creates TurnOver form, if none exists
Side 2
Other Frequently used TurnOver
ADDPWLITM Add an item to worklist (F6)
CHECKOUT Check out item
CHGPWL Change Programmer Worklist
CHGPWLPGMR Change Worklist Programmer
CMPSRCMBR Compare Source Member
CPYPWL Copy a worklist
CPYPWLITM Copy a worklist item
DSPCHKOUT Display checkout activity panel
DSPCOHST Display checkout history for an item
FASTTASK Helpdesk: Enter or Work with
HELPDESK Helpdesk: Work with Users
LISTDFTS List application defaults
LISTFORMS List a TurnOver form
MRGSRCMBR Merge Source Member
STRPWM Start Programmer Worklist
TARAFORM Add Related Application Form
TCMPMSGF Compare message files*
TIMESHEET Work with project time sheet
TURNOVER TurnOver main menu
TURNOVER 1 Update or view application
TURNOVER 4 Work with Object History
TURNOVER 5 TurnOver checkout menu
TURNOVER 6 Work with TurnOver Forms
TURNOVER 10 TurnOver reports
WORKTASK Helpdesk: For working with problems
and request
WRKHLPTREE Help desk: Decision tree (search)*
Most commands are also available as options on several
See User Guide and Developer’s Guide for more.
Commonly used PDM user-defined
As defined in PDM’s QAUOOPT or similar products such
as Pathfinder and Abstract/Probe+ that support user options.
AI Add to worklist
CO Check out item
See Appendix L of the TurnOver User Guide.

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