Two grand later and Boris the LR3 is still crap

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June 18, 2012

Two days after dropping a couple of grand on a new starter motor, new transmission shifter (and two weeks of rental cars) trying to *fix* the ‘refusing-to-start’ problem… The very naughty Boris had driven like a dream over the weekend and I was finally enjoying the Landrover experience again thinking it was solved… this morning though… downstairs to take the kids to school and Boris decides to bite me again. .Refuses to start… I got out re-alarmed and tried again for several minutes… before going back to the apartment so I wouldn’t swear in front of the mini-mes…

The most annoying thing is that during its fortnight in the garage (or *shop* as these crazy Americans call it) the bloody thing started perfectly every time… this time after after 30 minutes waiting it started… most annoying and I must reluctantly admit that its time for Boris to go…. its a sad end to my land-rover owner experience. 🙁



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