How can I upgrade the TURNOVER Client?

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September 29, 2012

How can I upgrade the TURNOVER Client?

By NickLitten

September 29, 2012

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TURNOVER Client (aka Turnover GUI)

Turnover (from Soft Landings Inc) is a pretty cool Software Change Management system running on iseries IBM i. The IBM i system is the Server.

We connect to the IBM i TURNOVER SERVER from our device (laptop, desktop, mobile, etc) using software called TURNOVER CLIENT.

Back in the bad old days… or good old days if you dislike modern technology and prefer rotary phones, no internet and black and white tv… everything was green screen terminal mode. Those fancy new WINDOWS style applications were called GUI’s (Graphical User Interfaces). Some white haired programmers still call modern applications “GOOIIEEES”

Arguably its best in class and certainly my preferred SCM tool. Saying that, the old 5250 (green screen) functions are frustratingly lacking in some areas where the company has obviously decided to only focus continued development on its Windows client – Turnover for iSeries.

When does iseries become ibmi

UNICOM you #numpties! It’s not Turnover for iSeries, its Turnover for IBM-i! Would you sell a Windows package and sell it as Turnover for DOS or maybe Turnover/XP?

But, the Windows client is based on the Eclipse IDE and its pretty neat. It’s regularly updated, but you need to know how to grab the very latest updates. So here you go.

I recorded this little screen cast with the excellent freebie JING from Techsmith but didn’t record any sound… because I am huddled in a super quiet little Dilbert cubicle and it may have awoken my fellow programmers.

**screencast not found**

The important piece is this URL –

Obviously you can amend the final characters to read the previous quarter – of your current timeframe – to grab the most recent updates:



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