March 8


Upgrading to Drupal8 – Episode 4 “Fuck it, Hello WordPress!”

By NickLitten

March 8, 2017

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Drupal is an old mast.
Fall roughly like a small reef.
Mainlands fall like big ships.
Never pull a mainland.
God, courage!

And a few month later, after sailing the seas of Drupal8, we ended up crossing the Seas of Cacophony and landing, at last, in the land of WordPress!

It’s a long sordid tale of bedlam, head scratching, swearing, scratching, getting drunk, going to bed, waking up, staring at the keyboard, deciding to leave it another day, going fishing, coming home, watching telly, going to bed, waking up worried about the incomplete website, spending hours battling Drupal8, swearing again, trying new modules, corrupting the SQL database, swearing again, uninstalling, re-installing, swearing, reaching for beer…

several days go by

the Drupal 8 blog slowly takes shape

struggle, beat, fight, coerce it into shape

several weeks go by

it’s finished and it works

sigh sit back and grin

Hello wordpressuse it for a few days and realise.



consider going back to the backups (yes I am that software developer that makes backups before performing open heart software surgery). sometimes. occasionally would be more accurate.

Decide to go with WordPress and see if it feels better before taking the decision of a full restore

one day later – fully installed. all drupal data importing to wordpress blog. theme chosen. fine tuning in action. #bloodysmooth


end of rant


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