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June 2, 2020

Using TURNOVER Promotion Form Commands

By NickLitten

June 2, 2020

changemanagement, IBM i, Turnover

Turnover Pre-Run and Post-Run

When we are promoting changed objects, using Soflanding TURNOVER, we sometimes want to run commands before or after the form runs. These pre-run and post-run commands are easy to add to any form, so lets look at how to do it!

How do we add a Pre-Run or Post-Run in TURNOVER?

In TURNOVER for Window – you can view your form details and will notice that the option for overview, objects, command and settings are on the tabs below the form main screen:

Pre-run or post-run in turnover?

As that is so obvious, it makes it almost too easy to use, lets look at the green screen version….

Want to learn more about IBM i Software Change Management with TURNOVER?

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