What happened to Projex400? 

 July 31, 2006

By  NickLitten

AS400 Projects = PROJEX400

PROJEX/400 – The Developers Freeware Toolkit for the IBM AS400 iSeries evolved over time from System/38 through iSeries machines.

I stopped developing it during 2002, but left the installer and some source code stagnating in a dark and dingy corner of the website. Doing a little spring clean a while back, thinking that it wasn’t used anymore, it was removed from the website around the end of 2004.

Over recent months I’ve been amazed by a few emails from some fellow IBM AS400 Dinosaurs who have surfed here looking for it, so its back online here

Shhh its also in the middle of a huge modernization revamp. Watch this space.


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Nick Litten

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