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December 27, 2023

What is new in IBM i ACS (

By NickLitten

December 27, 2023

ACS, emulator, IBM i

IBM i ACS ( was recently released and has some good new stuff!

IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) is a software package that provides a platform-independent interface to IBM i systems. The latest version of IBM i ACS is, which was released in November 2023. This version includes several enhancements and critical security fixes for the following CVEs: CVE-2023-45182, CVE-2023-45184, and CVE-2023-45185.

Some of the enhancements in this version include:

  • Run SQL Scripts: You can now run SQL scripts directly from the Run SQL Scripts dialog box. NOTE this means you will need to check your exit programs to lock SQL access down.
  • Column Headings and Labels: You can now add column headings and labels to the CLDOWNLOAD support

It is recommended to upgrade to version as earlier versions may prompt for unexpected credentials when used simultaneously with version

If you are using ACS on Windows, you need to update acslaunch_win-XX.exe, acsnative.dll, and acspcoc.exe in addition to updating acsbundle.jar.

You can update ACS using any of the following methods:

  1. An installation script in the Windows_Application folder
  2. A configured IBM i location with the command-line plugin “installupdates”
  3. A configured IBM i location with “Install Update” from the ACS main GUI (available from Help->About, “Check for Updates” when an IBM i location is configured for updates)

Grab the full download from IBM here

What is new in ibm i acs (1. 1. 9. 4)

or you can download my mirror copies:

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