January 6


What is the system part of IBM i Library List?

By NickLitten

January 6, 2022


What is the system part of IBM i Library List?

Dsplibl ibm i library list with user current product system

SYS – System

The System (SYS) portion is always at the top. This is typically the libraries containing operating system objects. You can add libraries to your JOB’s system portion using the CHGSYSLIBL command – NOTE THIS IS FOR YOUR JOB ONLY

PRD – Product

The Product Library (PRD) if you are running a command, this can be a parm on the *CMD which slips the command library below the SYS but above current and user portions. It is only in the LIBL while the command is running.

CUR – Current

The current library (CUR) is above the main USER portion. You can set this using the CHGCURLIB command.

USR – User

The User (USR) libraries list your other user libraries. This is where all the libraries typically live and is changed using the CHGLIBL, EDTLIBL, ADDLIBLE and RMVLIBLE

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