January 16


What is the TURNOVER TSERVER subsystem?

By NickLitten

January 16, 2017

softlanding, tserver, Turnover

TSERVER Subsystem on IBM i

TURNOVER Software Change Management for iSeries (*) uses a subsystem to control the distribution of software revisions to other nodes in the network.

The TURNOVER TSERVER subsystem is a quiet little background job that controls the sending and receiving jobs.

Wrkactjob turnover jobs
the TURNOVER TSERVER subsystem

* Softlanding not upgraded their TURNOVER software branding for over twenty years…. Why is it called TURNVOER FOR ISERIES? A machine that does not exist anymore! Nobody runs an old iSeries machine unless they have not upgraded their busienss systems since 2005…. why this disconnect? Possibly because the Softlanding branding team are… allegedly… numpties who do not realise the old IBM iSeries machines were discontinued two decades ago and all of their customers are actually installing TURNOVER on their IBM i operating systems running on IBM POWER SYSTEM hardware – but let’s not get into a rant here)

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