August 4


WHOA! Website has crashed…

By NickLitten

August 4, 2014


It’s not as simple as saying the the “Website has crashed” it’s more like the website has groan, warned me and then exploded in the most egregious way. That will teach me to go tinkering in SQL… *sigh*

Bollocks, Bugger and Damnation!
On the bright(ish) side this site has been around since the days of Drupal V3… upgrading through huge version updates and many (many!) modules being added/removed have left the database messier than my kids eating at squishy chocolates by hand, on a hot day, in a chocolate factory, with the lights turned off, during an earthquake.
So… website fresh install D7 and rebuild in progress….
only 3500+ blog articles to go….
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