January 25


WooCommerce Multicurrency Free – on product pages only

By NickLitten

January 25, 2018

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I just could not think of the best way to describe this blog without using a hundred words. I wanted to write about the enticingly named woocommerce multicurrency free wordpress plugin but the title of this blog should really say “how to display multi-currency prices in woo-commerce shopping carts and tweak them to display the multi-currency tag on the product page only rather than all over the place which is really annoying” but that’s too long for twitter 😉

So, assuming you have read that… and it makes sense… then read on.

WooCommerce Multicurrency Plugin for WordPress

It’s pretty bloody good. Pretty, Pretty Good.

It describes itself as “WooCommerce Multi Currency – The best free currency exchange plugin” and with the latest release, I am forced to agree.

If you want to

  • Enter your product prices in one currency
  • Display those products in multiple currencies
  • Display those currencies with accurate exchange rates updated automatically
  • Allow your users to choose their own currency
  • and do it all automatically

Then this plugin is for you.

Go and grab it from https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-multi-currency

Upload it — activate it — and you will imediately see the very groovy little multicurrency sidebar.

In this example for Drums The Word I elected to display the currency bar on the right and colour coded it to the website theme:

Woocommerce multicurrency free - on product pages only 1

So when it’s hovered over it dynamically pops out and shows the currencies:

Woocommerce multicurrency free - on product pages only 2

Click the Currency and the price is automatically updated:

Woocommerce multicurrency free - on product pages only 3

It’s really that simple.


Control where the currency selection float is displayed

I only want to the see this float on the PRODUCT PAGE and luckily their is a nice little setup tweak to control this. Hence this blog to remind me how to do it later.

Goto the Plugin SETTINGS for multicurrency


Woocommerce multicurrency free - on product pages only 4

Scroll Down and type “is_product()” into the OTHER PAGES box

Woocommerce multicurrency free - on product pages only 5

Thats it – it’s easy to control where the multicurrency window shows

With is_product() you only see the multicurrency box in the PRODUCT page. #SUPERNICE

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