Working on a new signature for my emails .sig

Mar 31

So, this week I’ve been playing with my email signature.

Over the years my email sig has changed with the fashion of the moment. From simple “Cheers, Nick” to gloriously wordy tomes containing “please dont print this it kills the trees and trees make air which we breathe so if it all goes away it will be your fault for printing this email.. yada yada yada” to bloated graphical signatures with flashy colours and photos from last weekends beach trip flashing across the screen.

Anyway, it’s 2015 now and time for something new.

I wanted something that was small, simple and basically just showed my name, what I do and then some kind of nice little icon/graphic with a series of links to relevant website stuff.

I quite like this image based linking:

Nick Litten
Software Projex - IBm i Powertoolsemail meNick Litten BlogNick Litten on LinkedinNick Litten on TwitterNick Litten on FacebookNick Litten on Google plusNick Litten on Youtube

I might put a digitized signature but not sure:

Nick Litten on Linkedin

Of course the coolest thing to do with email signatures is convert them to BASE64 so that the graphic is encoded and embedded in the email HTML itself.

What does BASE64 Encoding/Embedding mean?

basically, if we had a little bit of code to our email saying something like this:

the project logo in the email coluld be base64 like this

<img src=”” alt=”projex[1].png” />


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