Writing a CAPTCHA style IBMi routine for ENABLING and DISABLING user profiles 

 September 25, 2017

By  NickLitten

Resetting forgotten IBM i (aka iSeries and AS400) passwords is a PITA!

And I don’t mean PITA BREAD.


So, a simple captcha style password reset, accessible from the user password signon screen has got to be a good idea… right?

So, rather than the old “have you called the helpdesk to reset your password?” routine…. the user could sign on as user ‘CAPTCHA’ or something like that and enter their USERNAME and password and answer some CAPTCHA style questions….

Alternatively we could associate it with a webservice so users could click a URL which would activate the aforementioned user(CAPTCHA) on IBM i.

Got to be a good idea but as I’m writing this on a plane I should refer back to this later and write something like it for Projex4i

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