Awful Arthurs T-Shirts and Quality Hangovers 

 February 24, 2008

By  NickLitten

Back in ’94 I worked on this side of the pond for a couple of years. It was my first time in the States and led to an extensive exploration of all the bars and restaurants in the surrounding areas.

At the time, the Awful Arthurs Seafood Company in downtown Roanoke VA was new and half the size it is now, but still had the same friendly vibe with a good beer selection and, being a seafood fan, a great menu! It was the scene of many an evening of over-extended partying, regrettably followed by a morning of bleary eyed regret… ‘Ill never drink again!’ πŸ˜‰

The Awful Arthurs brand name is fun and the bar t-shirts had a range of cheeky slogans – my then girlfriend (and now ex-wife) favourite was ‘Got Crabs?’ I had a few but certainly the most traveled was ‘manufacturing quality hangovers since 1994’ and 10 years later, on a return trip the ‘Noke, Nathan my 5 year old son, joined the club when he was kindly donated a free ‘I’m an awful kid’ t-shirt from the then-manager Kimmie.

Awful Arthurs T-Shirts and Quality Hangovers 1

This t-shirt is like an old friend – it’s traveled the world with me. On one such journey the old Awful-shirt went to Mauritius (as the obligatory comfy shirt to cover my sun burnt shoulders) back in ’99 and loads of European Ski-resorts as an under layer.

Marlin Fishing in the Indian Ocean

Back in ’99 I took a an ill fated afternoon trip Deep Sea fishing. Yes I caught a few decent size fish (no marlin unfortunately) but can you see the sea in the background? Is it calm sunny and beautiful? Correct… this photo was taken during one of the rare moments when I wasn’t laying on the floor or being sick over the side of the boat :/

Is this the most traveled Awful Arthurs t-Shirt – it’s also been to Africa, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra, Denmark, Greece and of course all over the UK. πŸ˜‰

It was my standard t-shirt for wearing under my bike leathers when touring around Europe.

On one quite amazing occasion, at the top of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, I was approached by an American Tourist (easily recognizable by the camera, polo shirt and very dodgy plaid shorts) who asked me where I was from… he was an ex-Noker who was on a years European trip… small world.

Ten years later it’s just recently been retired as it’s once white colour has started to look a little faded and yellowing like a vintage newspaper, the neck is frayed and worn and the front has developed those mysterious little tiny holes that t-shirts develop over time πŸ˜‰

So, after recently emigrating from England’s cloudy grey realms to the Sunshine or Virginia maybe it’s about time I talked Todd into re-launching the ‘Hangover’ shirt for 2009.

Next I need to explain to the missus how a new motorcycle makes perfect fiscal sense.

Then the journeys can begin again…



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