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February 14, 2005

Bullworker – isometric strength and fitness

By NickLitten

February 14, 2005


My latest website project – the re-branding and relaunch of the Bullworker Europe website has taken it’s most significant step forward today: BULLWORKER [EUROPE] is alive!

2017 UPDATE – Wow! Was this really 12 years ago! How time flies. Either way, Bullworker Europe was very successful and ended up being sold and re-branded. But I’m leaving this article on-line because its nice little stroll down memory lane

BULLWORKER is the essential isometric site on the web; expanding its product range to include Bullworker, Boworker, Steelbow and Isokinator fitness lifestyle products. (with still more to come on the run-up to Christmas 2006)

Back in the late 1960’s a German Sportsman named Gert F Kolbel designed an exercise device that could compress and stretch in the same unit. It was portable and made of modern (at the time) plastics. This simple device was revolutionary in that it was designed to work with the principles of isometrics.

The results were mind blowing for it’s time, and are still as impressive today. The principles behind the newly discovered, scientifically tested, training method called “Isometrics or Static Contraction.” The basic principle of isometric exercise was discovered back in the ’20s, when scientists found that when one leg of a frog was tied down over a period of time, it grew significantly stronger than the leg left free. But it was not until 1953 that two German doctors (Dr. Hettinger And Dr. Muller) at the Max Plank Institute in Munich, Germany, worked out the implications of this experiment and applied them to the human body.

Working your muscles while using movement is known as “isotonic” or more recently “isomotion”. Isometric exercise, on the other hand, does not move the muscle at all; the exercises are all performed against an immovable object. By this immobile contraction, nearly 100% of the muscle’s thousands of hairlike fibers are stimulated — the brain sends signals to the muscles after just 7 seconds saying ‘GROW STRONGER’. The principle behind the Bullworker is that simple. It’s scientific and proven.

In fact: results from the studies done at the Max Planck Institute using this form of training had resulted in strength gains across both genders and all ages. Because of the unique ability of this new exerciser; the Bullworker builds muscles at many different angles and is very simple to use and transport. The German Olympic Power Lifting team of that time began training with the Bullworker as an supplemental aid to their weightlifting regime.

Bullworker sales took off like a turbo charged skyrocket, reaching sales of 40 million by the late 1980’s.

Bullworker - isometric strength and fitness 1

The remarkable thing about this is that the old Bullworker organisation never used T.V. advertising. The Bullworker was mostly sold from ads in comic books, some wrestling and bodybuilding magazines. The product moved based on word of mouth and soon some of the world’s best know athlete’s, movie stars and power lifters jumped on board the “Bullworker” express: The Greatest Muhammad Ali used the exerciser and became one of the models. Arnold “The Terminator” Schwarzenegger also used and modeled for the Bullworker as well as many others including Bruce Lee, Barry McGuigan and Dave “Darth Vader” Prowse.

A few models of bullworker were developed during this 30 years run… the bullworker 1 (also known as the Tensolator), the Bullworker 2 which had a power meter and the in the 80’s came the pre-cursor to the current model – the Bullworker X5. At the end of the 80 ‘s and start of the 90’s other exercise fashions started to take hold (jogging, aerobics, etc..) and Isometrics gradually fell out of fashion. This is fairly common in the fitness community. It seems we’re always on to the next fad or novelty.

Today, Isometrics have made a resurgence and so has demand for this versatile exercise technique.

With it’s simple way to build Lean muscle mass, the new training program has increased the number of exercises to over 82, allowing for more versatility and variety in training. The main idea with the fitness range is: ”BULLWORKER make it simple and fun to workout, because thats why people do it.” It’s a simple system that offers fitness for life.

The new training system makes it quick and easy to get in a power packed workout in just 7 minutes a day. In fact, with over 40 different exercises and each one only needing 7 seconds to be effective you Hit 300 Of the 500 Muscles In Your Body!

This has made the range a very popular home gym for people that are incapable due to injury, disability or distance from a local gym to get a an incredible muscle building workout in their home.

As incredible as it seems this classic exerciser; now reborn, gets the job done.

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