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February 22, 2017

Problems Downloading IBM i ACS (Access Client Solutions)?

The new replacement for the aging, creaky AS400 Client Access is the cunningly titled IBM i Access Client Solutions

Download this all new JAVA software is free, as long as you create an IBM Passport Account and once installed it lets you connect to the IBM I System and signon using a terminal emulator (5250), transfer data up and down and a bunch of other neat features…

Let’s go and download IBM i ACS together

Download and Install IBM i ACS (Access Client Solutions) 1

If you decide that you do not want to install IBM i ACS, then I would recommend checking out either RDi and its integrated 5250 Emulator (which you need to pay for but its worth it) or use some other combination of free terminal emulator software.


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Nick Litten

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  • Hi
    I was using IBM old version with my office 2013 windows 7 32 bit OS.
    Now we are upgrading to windows10 64 bit office 2016 and would like to use the PCOMM class and it fails saying active x component cant create object.

  • When I open 2 sessions, the second one opens on top of the first. I have 2 sessions open, but can only see one at a time. How do I get to the 2 (or more) sessions in multiple windows ?

  • Thanks for the writeup! Though, I believe there may be a misunderstanding.

    IBM i Access Client Solutions remains completely free, apart from the server-side XW1 licensing that has always been required for 5250 in IBM i Access and predecessors.

    The screenshot you posted is for the Host Access Client Package. While the names are too identical, that is a different offering, which you can read more about here:

  • Hi Nick, thanks for this discussion. I experience on WIndows 10 a lot delay when starting the acslaunch_win-64.exe.
    Is that normal. After the quick black popup, it takes about 5-10 seconds before the Java applets are scanned and then another 10 seconds before the GUI starts. Is that fast according to you ?

  • This blog if factually incorrect. ACS Client access package (including the 5250 emulator) are not chargeable. They come with the base IBMi OS!

    The author of this blog post is confusing a completely different product. This one IS chargeable but it’s something completely different entirely. Please update your blog post.

    IBM® Host Access Client Package (HACP) provides flexibility to access host applications through a local client or the web.

    At one price per user, HACP delivers two functionally rich and secure products to meet host access needs. Package includes: IBM Host On-Demand and IBM Personal Communications for Windows™ (PCOMM).

    HACP, now a fully managed solution with a centralized configuration capability, users can run PCOMM from the server to save their configurations and log on from different locations and retain them. HACP also provides prompted updates and leaner downloads for new versions.

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