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Download Vintage Bullworker Wallcharts

By NickLitten

April 10, 2020

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The Corona Virus Quarantine has people digging out their Bullworkers and getting their pump on.

Download vintage bullworker wallcharts 1

I only know this because, while running some plugin updates on this blog site I noticed, with a wry smile, that 80+ people visited my old Bullworker Wallchart Download page in just the last week!

So, after some stretching, breathing and isometric delving into my old archive server folders I found some wonderful old variants of the Bullworker Training Wallchart through several decades.

The isometric exercises remain the same, and will be just as effective on a Bully from the sixties as it would be on a modern isometric device.

Bullworker has nothing to do with Bulls

“The Bullworker was invented by Gert F. Kolbel who studied the workings of the human body for over ten years. These exercises were personally developed by Herr Koebel, and the principle on which they are based is known as Isometric Contraction. Using Isometric Contraction you can build up and strengthen more than 300 of your 500 basic muscles.”

So these old bully wall charts are kind of fun, and they’ve inspired me to go and dig my old Bullworkers out of my storage boxes. I had around 15 different versions before I moved house last year, some of them were prototypes. Could be interesting to do some exercise videos with them.

Just think of my plump old programmer body grunting and straining to stretch, pull, push and flex. There is your scary image of the day. You are welcome.

Me in a moment of isometric hilarity

These charts are all downloadable and print in pretty reasonable quality.


Download Vintage Bullworker Wallcharts

Bullworker Muscle Built Wallchart

I know nothing about this chart apart from it (obviously) black and white so I’m guessing it’s from the 1960’s?

UPDATE 2021 – according to a commenter (Thanks Alan) this is the official Bullworker India wallchart. Still in use as recently as 2001

Download vintage bullworker wallcharts 2
Vintage Muscle Built

Bullworker In the Seventies

Ahhh, the seventies was a wonderful time of masculine hairy chests, flowing lion manes and (presumably) working out while wearing Hai Karate aftershave was a must:

Download vintage bullworker wallcharts 3
The Golden Age of Bullworker

Bullworker In the Eighties

Some call the 1980’s “the decade that fashion forget” but I call it “the decade that Bullworker went full lycra”

Download vintage bullworker wallcharts 4

I’ve found a chart for both the lycra boys and the lycra girls 🙂

Download vintage bullworker wallcharts 5
Bully for the Lycra Boys
Download vintage bullworker wallcharts 6
… and of course something for the ladies

Bullworker In the Nineties and Noughties

After the huge success of Bullworker in the seventies and Eighties the isometric fitness craze took a slightly lower trajectory in the 1990’s. A few cheap replicas appeared (I wont advertise them now because sadly a couple of them are still out there selling on various websites). Suffice to say, construction quality is way lower than the real deal.

This is the early Bullworker training wall chart from BULLWORKER UK.

Download vintage bullworker wallcharts 7

This was later revised into the yellow format which I think is my favourite:

Bullworker exercise wallchart

So, I hope that helps you isometric folks out there in the Bullworker Community.

I have some other training guides and some archived advertising posters in various PDF formats… if there is any interest, leave a comment below and I can scan them and stick them online? 🙂

    • You are very welcome! By coincidence, I just found an old box of prototype Bullworkers (from when I worked for Bullworker UK back in 2005. I’ve been lugging this box around the planet for years.. I might have to take some pictures and write a blog about them 😉

  • Thanks for creating link to download the Bullworker chart.
    I found my old bullworker which is around 37 years old but still in good condition.

  • Very grateful for the Bullworker workout sheets – thank you. Like so many people, I have ‘found’ my (very) old Bullworker and now need to follow the workout instructions. In my younger days, the Bullworker really did help to improve my fitness level; I’m trusting it will do the same in my older days!

  • I bought my first Bullwoker in 1976-new. In the intervening years I have gone though 3 more used units until each broke. At age 83 I am using a woman’s model which I still find beneficent.

  • I bought my first and only bullworker at the age of 14 here in Australia I’m 67 and it still going strong I recently cleaned out my wardrobe and found the original box it came in. I do a little bit every morning hoping to live a long and active life ,thanks to the bullworker?

    • Hello Monty, I too purchased one years ago, the early 1970’s…I’m 68 now… Somehow lost the Wall chart. My bull worker has green pummel ends. Is there any way , if you still have your chart, to copy it and post it? All the ones I see here online are not like the one I had. I’m hoping yours is. Either way , Thanks. Be well

  • Nick, thanks for the great charts! Got my first Bullworker when I was 15, so that would’ve been 1970. Still have that one and have collected a couple others over the years! Appreciate you!!

  • August 1, 2021
    Had a Bullworker in the mid-1970’s which I enjoyed using. Over the years it got lost. However, I was in Cambridge, England, last week and saw an X5 in a charity shop priced at £4.99. I snapped it up.
    Don’t want to rush it so I’m enjoying looking at your charts before I get started.

  • Hi Nick. I got my 1st BW at age 15 and used it daily.it helped me get on my way from a podgy teen to a pro footballer. I had developed so strong abs that i was taking money off my schoolmates on bets that i would not flinch if punched in the stomach. Stupid yes i know….now! Found one old used version in a flea market and snapped it up recently. Its amazing the effects and feelings after each workout. Love the charts selections. Thanks for those mate.

  • That black and white exercise chart is from bullworker India. I bought a “bullworker Super 4” from them in 2001 and received that poster

  • thanks for the downloads. very cool to see once again. I have been using the Bullworker since 1964 and still enjoy it. Of course I now also use kettlebells, clubs, ropes, maces and more along with the Bullworker. I would love to see some of the old advertising posters.

  • This is awesome. Latest convert to the Bullworker cult! The 70s one is the one I picked up with my Goodwill x5, and it’s still the one I love

  • I have one of the original units. Green plastic ends. Soft clear plastic coated metal cables. Circa 52 years old. Have been using it for 52 years. Its as good as the day I bought it. I think mine was made in Germany.

  • Thanks for the posters. I had a stroke and couldn’t remember the exercises. Now back to work with my 1970s Mk II.

  • Thank you very much. I had been hunting for some good charts for awhile. My first Bullworker in the 70’s came with this chart, https://i.imgur.com/0tHySey.jpg. That’s the only decent copy I could find, sorry. The chart came with the original bow with steel cables purchased early 70’s. Thanks again.

  • Wonderful return to the early ’70s..thank you so much for the charts. Mine had green handles, but it was the results, quite surprising.
    Once again, many thanks.

  • Still use my bullworkerx5 and got the classic also.They are really built to last and well worth the money.I’m 69 now and use these and feeling great.

  • I thank you for the charts. We had one in our teens. I just brought one again
    At 69 . Adding to my workout routine.

  • Thanks Nick, Just bought X5 second-hand here in Australia and looking forward to getting back into the routines!

  • Am trying to find the wallchart for the “Lady Bullworker”/had one in the late 70’s…was STOLEN in the 80’s !!! It TRULY worked…but, they don’t Make it anymore ! Please Help…if you can ! Many Thanks !!! DaeRa G*

  • Hi Nick do you happen to have the complete postal course of Tony Holland’s muscle dancing program from the 70s? There’s one saved online at webarchive.org.uk but it’s missing a few pages. Thanks for any help!

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